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What's the First Day of Christmas?

            Some people try to figure out if the “12 Days of Christmas” start on December 12th or the 13th.  Both are wrong.

            The first day of Christmas is December 25th, Christmas Day.  The Christmas season ends on January 5th, which is Twelfth Night, the night before Epiphany or Three Kings Day on January 6th. 

            Ironically, in the secular holiday season, i.e. retail/marketing, the Christmas rush seems to start around Halloween, going full speed ahead with pre-Thanksgiving sales, finally advertising after-Christmas sales starting on December 26th.

            By the way, if you were to give all of the gifts mentioned in the “12 Days” song, your cost this year would be $197,071.09.  That’s almost 10% more than the same gifts would have cost in 2021.




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