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It Wasn’t Supposed to be a Christmas Song!

When James Lord Pierpont wrote his famous song, it wasn’t intended to be a Christmas song, and now it’s a seasonal favorite. 


The song we know as “Jingle Bells” was originally named “(The) One Horse Open Sleigh” and, according to most sources, performed at a Thanksgiving service. Some argue this point, saying the words, especially to several verses, would not have been appropriate for a church program.


Pierpont wrote the words and the music in the 1850s.  A native Bostonian, he became organist and music director of a church in Savannah.  His nephew was financier J. P. Morgan.


By the way, “Jingle Bells” was the first song played from space.  That was in December 1967 from Gemini 6; astronaut Wally Schirra played the tune on the harmonica while Tom Stafford accompanied him on sleigh bells. 





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