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How Old Are Hess Toy Trucks?

           The popular Hess toy trucks started in 1964 – 58 years ago – with the Hess Toy Tanker Trailer. 

            According to information from Hess, this toy was unusual for its time in that it had working headlights and other new features, as well as batteries included. The early toys were sold only at Hess gas stations. 

            The toy idea was the brainchild of Leon Hess, the founder of Hess Oil.  He started out selling oil door-to-door, then gradually grew his business, leading to the establishment of Hess gas stations. 

            Hess gas stations have disappeared (sold to Marathon) but the Hess trucks remain.

            Popularity of these highly collectible toys has steadily increased.  People search for vehicles from the years in which children were born or the year of high school graduations.  Some versions in mint condition are now worth $2000.00 up to $4000.00.  Most are not that valuable, however. 

            Each year’s edition is usually introduced by Thanksgiving Day.  The 2022 model, a Hess flatbed truck with hot rods, is available already. 

            Antiques & Artisans Village has a large collection of Hess trucks which may be purchased inside the store or online at




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