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Is Milk Glass Always White?

Figure 1   Mangle inside Antiques & Artisans Village - closed position


Milk glass isn’t always white. 

            Granted, most milk glass is white, and some people believe white is the only color for this popular glass. 

            That’s not the case, though.  Milk glass can be pink, blue, green, brown and even black.  Whatever the color, the piece has to be opaque and milky. The green versions are often referred to as jade or jadite/jadeite. 

            Some of the most common and most popular pieces are vases and baskets. 

            Milk glass was first made in Venice in the 16th century.  It was referred to previously as bone glass or opal glass. 

            There are numerous manufacturers and styles.  Among the manufacturers are Fenton, Westmoreland, Kanawha, Fostoria and Imperial.  Popular patterns include “Hobnail” by Fenton and “Paneled Grapes” by Westmoreland. 

            Milk glass hasn’t been used just for homes.  It’s been used for globes on gas station pumps and even for marbles. 




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